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Senior retirement living is how senior citizens roll these days; and they are loving it! I read a newspaper article a few weeks ago about the possibility of living to the age of 100 and beyond. I know, it is happening now and has been for a long time, right? What makes this unique, you ask?

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What specifically got my attention, the claim that in old age, you’ll be in better health, and look better than today. To me, life is anew each day due to staying in touch and knowing you belong. A time in life when friends and loved ones see and feel your heart, but a time that you know is growing short. The need to be needed and useful is fading; and much faster than you want it to.

You are a person of retirement living age, and you know you hold a very special purpose on this earth. How long has it been since others thought and expressed that?

Senior citizens, aging parents, your aged neighbor, the elderly lady around the corner; you all know you make such a significant difference in the lives of others; yet are seldom, if ever, told so. That’s a very sad thing, isn’t it?

"Friendship . . . Is the golden thread that ties the hearts of all the world". John Evelyn

It’s about time when friends and family accept you as you are, so you don’t have to pretend it’s okay that they forget or neglect to tell you so. They may seem to think you are just a pain in the butt sometimes. At times, they can’t seem to be bothered in their busy lives. Stop for a moment and close your eyes. Is this you?

Perhaps it's time to borrow from the mindset that "if anyone is going to look after me, it's going to be me". It might also be time to tell the family that thinks you are such a nuisance that they had better have a back-up plan; because this ol' geezer is going to spend his money where seniors live it up in senior retirement living!

Seniors Are Not Afraid To Show Who They Really Are

This is how seniors roll. Seniors live it up. You have a zest for life, living, loving, and a keen understanding of how to have fun, even if it’s been far too long since you’ve experienced it.

Yes, It’s important to be reminded of your value; but you value yourself first and foremost; and you don’t necessarily need that validation from others to be happy in old age. Your needs are to do what you love . . . enjoy life and each other.

Doing What You Love To Do . . . That Is Senior Retirement Living

You have lived long enough to not be afraid of showing yourself vulnerable, showing who you really are, and letting the world know how you really feel. It’s time for everyone to know that you are old, but you are not dead yet! You are alive and well. You have just tapped the surface of Senior Retirement Living , and now you are ready to set your body free.

On the following pages, we will walk you through a few exercises to assist you as senior retirement living aids. You can view each page of thought provoking ideas below:

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