Some Seniors Just Live To Dance

Some seniors just live to dance. Who saw and was moved by the dance movies Michael Jackson dancing the Thriller dance, or Patrick Swaze in the Dirty Dancing movie? Who doesn't watch ABC Dancing With The Stars (dwts) and is not emotionally touched by the music and the movement? These are some serious dance workouts, and I don't know about you, but only in my dreams can I do something so spectacular. I only wish I could! You, too?

Rhythmic Movement Of Dance

Yes, it's fun to watch these dance exercises, and so much fun to participate in that you forget how great dancing is for your health. The rhythmic movement of dance to music is a comparable cardiovascular workout equal to a work out at the gym, running, and aerobic exercise programs all in one. Obviously, sitting in a bar with a pitcher of beer watching hot dancing girls, nude belly dancing, exotic lap dancing, and sexy pole dancers is not quite what I had in mind; even if they have their own special benefits for the male encounters out there.

Nor am I referring to the bump and grinds of the male strippers over a cranberry martini in one hand and all the dollar bills you can hold in the other, ladies.

Seniors Living It Up!

I am referring to "live to dance" dances like salsa dance steps, samba dance, swing dance moves, hip hop dance moves, or competitive ballroom dancing. I happen to love nightclub dancing and often partake in line dancing when I get the chance. These are wonderful components of physical fitness dance workouts while enjoying being a senior living it up! All types of dances and dance exercises are good medicine for the mind body soul part of our lives. It makes us feel good, releases stress, builds friendships and companionship, and is healthy for our hearts, too.

Everybody Dance Now

It's all about dance. Everybody dance now, you live to dance. There are thousands of dance exercise videos. What is your pleasure? Do you wonder how can I lose weight? Do you want to dance for pleasure? Do you want to dance for exercise? For all types of dances imaginable, there is exercise dance videos, dance exercise dvd, and dance websites to match your desires.

Something For Everyone

Zumba dance and Just Dance Wii games have become extremely popular. You can find a video, dvd, or website for tap dancing lessons, swing dancing basic steps, line dancing lessons, ballroom dancing lesson, and even pole dancing lessons. I think I remember a spot where you can learn how to break dancing move if that's your thing. People everywhere live to dance. There's something for everyone.

The World Loves To Dance

If there is someone who can do it, there is someone who can teach it, and there is someone that will market it. The world lives to dance. And the more you dance, the more kinds of dances will arise. Remember the Chicken Dance Song? And what about the Dancing Elves at Christmas? And now we have the Simon and the Chipmunks with their own band and dance routine.

There's Jamaican, Brazil, Mexican, and African Dancing. Babies are dancing before they can walk. People are even dancing with weighted hula hoops to music. Some people just live to dance. I've even seen dogs that dance on their hind legs across the room while turning and spinning with their masters, and a Parrot that rocks to the music of Jerry Lee Lewis until he knocks himself off his perch!

People Love To Dance

Is it any wonder that dance improves ones heart, improves your posture, improves your flexibility, lengthens your muscles, works out your thighs, buttocks, quads, and arms, takes inches off your waist, firms your chest, strengthens your back, gives you mobility in your feet and ankles, releases feel good endorphins, gets the joints moving freely, reduces blood pressure and cholesterol, relieves stress, improves balance and coordination, increases resistance, helps your memory, and is an overall great source of socializing. Is is any wonder dancing adds years to your life and life to your years? It feeds the soul, it preserves the heart, it comes from your inner core, and it quantifies you a senior living it up!

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