Easter Party Ideas & Games For Seniors

Several things come to mind when one speaks of Easter party ideas and games for seniors. Sure, it brings the classic thoughts of Easter egg hunts, marshmallow peeps,egg decorating kits, plush Easter baskets, and Easter lily plants. And let's not minimize the wonderful thoughts of traditional baked ham, scalloped potatoes, and a beautiful Easter bunny cake!

These few things we all seem to agree on with Easter holidays and festivities. It's colorful, hence, the beginning of spring. And it's the first holiday after Christmas that really brings family and friends together. Combined, they mean a wonderful colorful event planned around wonderful colorful foods for wonderful colorful people!

What makes it more colorful than Easter party ideas and games for seniors who are always ready to mix it up and compete against each other; especially when there are prizes involved to keep them interested. Take a look at some friendly competition games for seniors here:

You Pick. You Personalize. You Print. Easter Games.

Easter Bible Bingo

Easter Bingo

Easter Picture Bingo

Easter Bible Picture Bingo

Easter Bible Trivia

This & That Easter Match

Candy Rhyme Time

Animal Babies Match

Easter Word Scramble

Peter Cottontail Song Lyrics

Jelly Bean Flavor Guess

Easter Guess How Many

It doesn't take a lot of complicated ideas to come up with good Easter party ideas and games for seniors. As long as it makes them happy, brings some laughter or smiles, makes them feel good about themselves, help them find new friends and companions or enjoy old ones, serve some nibblies and beverage to keep them satiated; nice and easy does it. Too often we feel we must go overboard and this can lead to disappointing outcomes. Remember why you are all there.

If you are a caregiver, have you ever wondered why only a few are showing up for your group activities and parties? What are you doing wrong? Think about it for a minute. Are you just handing out 8-game repoduced bingo cards? Very few seniors will say "I can't follow that many cards"; they just won't show up next time to avoid feeling embarrassed or put into an uncomfortable frame of mind at the onset. Some could handle double that count; but are you giving them a choice?

Are you making sure the room is not being controlled by a small inner group and leaving others out? Are you gearing all the activities toward the same things these seniors see and hear each day about their forgetfulness, their need for better nutrition, their motor skills, etc? Isn't this supposed to be a party day?

When it comes to Easter party ideas and games for seniors, they don't want to be reminded and reprimanded this day. They want to enjoy each other, socialize, feel equal, feel good about themselves. They want to show off their new dress, shoes, shirt, etc. They want to brag about something, tell their story, be acknowledged, be listened to, and have fun in a light and friendly way.

They want to be center of attention in a joyful way, not reprimanded and coached today. Mostly they just want to be heard and made to feel they matter and that they are cared for. Some just need a special smile, a kind word, and the touch of your hand on theirs to make their day. Isn't that what we all want? Just to be special to someone?

The worst thing you can do as a caregiver is to stop the activities because of funds or lack of interest. Some of your tenants live for these days, it's all they have to look forward to. Make it interesting. Make it for everyone. The economy has hit everyone hard. But I'll bet if you ask the guests to pick up an extra bag of chips, a box of cookies, a six-pack of soda, a bag of candy bars, make a few tuna sandwiches, etc. next time they shop to bring for their party; your next party will be flooded with goodies and good cheer!

For some, the day of great Easter party ideas and games for seniors is the only day they have to get out, get dressed, and enjoy being outside and with others to socialize. They look forward to this day ever since they marked it on their calendars or saw in on their community calendars. It's a very big deal to them. It's their chance to shine and to be appreciated. They just want to share themselves and what they know and find out about what they don't know yet.

Have a big party with wonderful Easter party ideas and games for seniors. Have a great traditional spread of food and drink. Hire an actor to dress up as a bunny and distribute baskets, bags, gifts, tell a story about the recipient getting the prize, sing, dance, do a roast on someone special, have a contest for the best hat, shoes, smile, friendliest, have a casino night, etc.

Have a contest with prizes for the person who has a certain item in their purse, their pocket for money or prizes; guess how many jelly beans are in the pot at the door, have a booby prize. But include everyone. No one goes home without a prize. Find a reason for even the quietest, most introverted person to feel special for a day.

One thing we know for sure, senior citizens don't like to be left alone too long waiting or with idle hands and feet.  It's a form of isolation and cruel neglect to them.  They want to interact and be social.  Just because they are old doesn't mean they don't like to have fun.  Haven't you heard?  Seniors live it up! It's a matter of life or death. It's time to pay it forward. Make your Easter party ideas and games for seniors the best one you have ever had, each and every time. Leave no senior behind.

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