Why Do We Celebrate Thanksgiving?Your Headline

Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?  Besides the traditional answers, like being a paid holiday creating another three or four day weekend, it preceeds the most popular shopping day of the year - Black Friday, it's a national holiday and one of many greatly celebrated american holidays.  

There are many traditions linked to Thanksgiving.  The most prevalent probably the gathering of family and friends to feast on wonderful foods and beverages; some old, and some new.  It's a time of funny thanksgiving quotes, many innovative ideas for thanksgiving decorations, sharing of great traditional thanksgiving recipes, the mad search for the very best thanksgiving turkey recipes; and don't forget thanksgiving ideas for kids and ideas for thanksgiving table decorations.   

So why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?  Because we are social animals alike that, like seniors who love to live it up, we can't resist a good party and a chance for thanks giving.  So what are you waiting for?  It's right around the corner.  Start planning your get together now with free thanksgiving printables, thanksgiving recipes, funny thanksgiving poems and stories, and let's throw in a few thanksgiving games to keep the party interesting.