Benefits Of Walking For Seniors


For seniors, the benefits of walking is huge. It is probably the best form of exercise you can do for yourself. Of course, if you work out every day, the benefits are much greater than those of walking. However, as you age, the urge to become sedentary increases; sometimes to devastating effects. It's important you don't let that happen.

Television, computers, eating, playing table games, going to the movies, going to a broadway show, sight seeing, socializing with friends; all require more time sitting than you care to admit. You know the repercussions of sitting too long, don't you? Yes, everything slows down except your blood pressure, your cholesterol, and your blood sugar count. They just love your new found sedentary lifestyle, don't they? They head for the moon!

Take A Walk

If you do nothing else for yourself, take a walk. Here are just a few of the well known health benefits of walking:

  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Increases Good Cholesterol
  • Decreases Blood Sugar
  • Improves oxygen to the Body
  • Provides for a Healthier Heart
  • Improves Balance and Coordination
  • Improves Muscle Strength
  • Gives Your Body Greater Mobility
  • Eliminates Fluid Build Up in Your Tissues
  • Makes motion more fluid in Your Joints
  • Burns Fat & Helps Fight Weight Gain

Obviously, the faster you walk, the better the benefits. Walking for fitness has a cumulative effect on seniors. You become less depressed, more active, diminishes stress in your life, virtually eliminates the fear of falling and losing your balance, and gives you a better sense of well being over all. It could be the single most important factor in allowing seniors to grow old gracefully.

Power Walking

Many seniors are taking to the streets starting a walking program as a group; some with power walking after learning the benefits of power walking. Others are learning the benefits of nordic walking with nordic poles. Some are walking to lose weight with specific weight loss walking plans designed by their athletic trainers.

Mall Walking

Mall walking has been around forever and is still a favorite of many. Many go early before the stores open. It's safe, it's not subject to weather changes, and it's fun to form a group. Many gather for brunch or lunch after a long walk; or a group shopping spree, a facial, a pedicure or manicure, or just sit with a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy catching up on each others lives. Seniors living it up and enjoying one another.

Benefits Of Walking On A Treadmill

There are many fitness walking programs and walking clubs. A favorite is still taking advantage of the benefits of walking on treadmill. If you are looking to shed a few pounds, this could be the way to do it quicker than a stroll through the park.

TrekDesk Treadmill Desks

Walking Clubs

Although there are many mechanics of proper walking, one of the most important things to remember is how you approach it. Some of the most important things to remember when just beginning is to breathe, warm up before you begin, cool down after you stop, and stretch to strenthen your muscles while they are warm if you want long lean muscles.

And most of all, you don't have to be a professional to reap the benefits of fitness walking; you just have to get moving. And, of course, ALWAYS check with your physician before you begin ANY fitness programs.

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Here's a great link for you to learn more about the benefits of exercise that combines walking, jogging, and biking for your fast weight loss exercise routine or just for the "health of it". Walk or jog your max then bicycle back! Take a look:
Seniors Walking For Fitness & Weight Loss: Walk-A-Bike.

Library of Classics

Okay, so we all understand the benefits of walking, walking for fitness, AND exercise benefits; but part of training and exercise is a cool down period and a rest. What better way to recharge your body than to quiet yourself by reading a good book. It is not only relaxing and recuperating,it's food for the soul and most enjoyable. Especially the way we are about to tell you about.

Who doesn’t enjoy a great book from classic story era? Do you shy away from reading as a senior because your eye sight isn’t what it used to be; they get tired, itchy, irritated? Print too small? Book too expensive if you order large print edition? Fingers get too sore and achy from arthritis holding the book while reading and turning pages?

Do you remember how excited you used to get when someone read to you? How much more you enjoyed the story? How much more involved you became in the characters because the narrator just seemed to know each one and emphasize the exact personality you hoped for indigenous to the character you so well remember?

Take a look at the offer below for some of the greatest stories ever told – 100 of them – and they are presented to you in AUDIO. Yes, you can be read to while you sit back, close your eyes, and relive the joy of the moment in time. Just slip on the headphones, turn up the volume and settle in for some joyous travel in time.

Reading the Classics Made Easy

Listen to your favorite stories anywhere; at home lounging, in the airport waiting for your flight, on the banks of a beautiful river while waiting for the fish to take the bait on your hook, share around a camp fire with the group, or while relaxing in the sand at the beach.

While the benefits of walking, walking for fitness and exercise benefits send fuel to your body, listening to a good novel sends fuel to the brain. It is all relevant when you are a senior who lives it up! It's the balance in life one must reach between what is professed and what is real. Benefits of walking are an essential part of the balance one must attain for happiness.