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Memorial Day Games For Everyone

Fun Memorial Day activities include GAMES!!! So, let's let the games begin . . . Fun Memorial Day activities include GAMES!!! So, let's let the games begin . . .

Memorial Day Games

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Why Do We Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving? Besides the obvious reasons, it's a perfect time for socializing and do thanks giving.

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Benefits Of Walking

The benefits of walking for seniors are plenty vs the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Here are many of the benefits.

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A Bill To Amend The Social Security Act?

Could it be true? Someone stepping up to address Caregivers loss of retirement income with a proposed Amendment to the Social Security Act to help those who provide senior care at home or provide innovative senior care . . . posted by Paula Span of The New York Times. Read it here

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Friendship is the Golden Thread . . .

It’s about time when friends and family accept you as you are, so you don’t have to pretend it’s okay that they forget or neglect to tell you so. Read more here . . .

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Good Samaritan Gives Back To The Neighborhood

Jordan Spense of M Live reports on a good samaritan, Dave Thrun, giving back to the neighborhood by using his epxertise just like his dad did years ago. Yes, we need more like him, don't we? What a super hero he is. Article no longer available.

Senior Parties

There is nothing more entertaining and engaging than senior parties when it comes to entertainment for seniors

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About Me

About Me - Why I think the senior care system is broken with nurse negligence, patient abuse, elder abuse neglect and we need to fix it for seniors and others alike

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Being Proud Of Being A Senior Citizen

Msgr. Frank C. Wissel, pastor at St. Mary Church in Greenwich writes of the many reasons seniors are proud to be growing old. They didn't cause some of the chaos, in fact, they started the happy go lucky attitude you see in many seniors today. Read his list of reasons:

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Don't Mess With Seniors!

Don't mess with seniors is the message given loud and clear to this robber. Find out how in this article in The Inquisitr written by Tara Dodell . . .

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It's Hot Outside!

Jeffrey B Roth of reports this heatwave causes need for more cooling centers to help seniors and others. Here's a list of "To Do's" to beat the heat . . .

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No Senior Reward For Perfect Record

First offense for this senior citizen driving while under the influence did not impress the judge; reports indelwa Malinga of Swazi Observer.

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Understanding Aging - We're Not Children

Stan Goldberg has a keen insight into life, growing old,and making the most of it with dignity. Read one of his many stories here. If you like what you read, there's a free ebook for you and many more stories to enjoy and learn from.

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Senior Discounts

Ever wonder where you can get a senior discount? Here you go!! Keep this list - - - and Send a copy to your senior friends and relatives. Provided by Beaufort Observer

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What Do You Have To Do?

Want longer leaner muscles? Want to increase fluidity of motion? Want a more fit body and better posture? How do you get all this and more? Read more . . ,

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Tried And True Advice From Wisest Americans

Stan Donaldson of The Plain Dealer wrote that seniors are the true experts in how to live longer, more meaningful lives. Tried And True Advice for free from the wisest American Seniors - the experts. Article no longer available.

Senior Citizens Rejoin Workforce

Sylvia Gonzalez of NewsWest9 reports seniors still have a lot of useful years, and employers love the work ethics of senior citizens. "Now Hiring" signs are cropping up everywhere, and they mean it, long term. Great opportunity for Baby Boomers to make a come back. Read more . . .

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Retirement Wishes & Aging Parents Care

Retirement Wishes of Aging Parents Care

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Independence Day Party Stuff For Seniors

Download your favorite Fourth Of July Party Games and plan a party instantly. Get them all here. 4th of July Games Pack!

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Regain Youthful Balance And Coordination

Regain youthful balance and coordination by strengthening your core muscles.

Balance Exercises and Senior Weight Trainingbit.lyBalance exercises and senior weight training are among the best exercise for seniors you can do to get a core workout and increase coordination and balance.

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Mozelle Senior much like Amber Alert for children

Senate Bill 461 prevents a person from benefiting from the estate of a deceased person if the person who is to receive benefits has been convicted of abuse, neglect, or exploitation. SB 464 increases coordination between state and local authorities to expedite abuse investigations. And SB 466 establishes a public notification system for missing seniors, similar to the Amber Alert for missing children, called the Mozelle Senior or Vulnerable Adult Medical Alert Act. The measures are now Public Acts 173, 175, and 176 of 2012. Craig McMorris of

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Elder Abuse - Proactive Approach

Approximately 1 in 14 Elder Abuse cases are reported to authorities. One city is taking a proactive approach to bring public awareness to how and where to find help. Reported by Joe Durwin of

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Healthy Eating For Senior Citizens

The only additives needed are a sense of humor, a few good friends, a little culinary moxie, a good bottle of wine, an exciting delectable decadent dessert, a hearty appetite, lots of laughter, a pinch of folklore storytelling, and a bucket of unconditional love. Then repeat this on a daily basis.

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Older People Recognized As A Resource

Jo Adetunji The Guardian reports that we need to replace policy and practice frameworks that separate and often denigrate older people and recognize them as a resource. Learn about it here . . .

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Age Appropriate Fashion

Women in their 50s, even in their 60s and 70s, have probably never looked better, healthier, or younger. Reported by Katie Trotter of The National. Read more . . .

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When Is Mothers Day

When is mothers day gives a variety of mothers day present ideas and good mothers day gifts in celebration of Mother's Day.

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National Grandparents Day

Everything you want to know about what grandparents want for National Grandparents Day. It's all about "time".

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Bronze Version Of Facebook

A Bronze Age version of Facebook has emerged from granite rocks in Russia and Northern Sweden reported by Rossella Lorenzi at Discovery News. Read her story. Article no longer available.

Senior Training With Basic Facebook

Heather Rule austin Post Bulletin. Community college offers training to seniors with Facebook so they can join the social media world.

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Mothers Day Activities

Mothers Day activities has ideas and games for seniors, fun activities for seniors, and senior fun with Mothers Day ideas.

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Senior Living Communities

Senior Outlook

Hopefully you have gained great reasons to laugh and have fun; but what about the WHERE of your active senior communities?

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Suddenly Senior

Suddenly Senior

One morning you wake up and . . . POOF!! You are suddenly senior; and it seems to appear without any effort, or lack thereof, on your part. So, here’s some retirement sentiments for you. You got old. What now, roll over and play dead?

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Exercise For Seniors

Exercise For Seniors

You just want to be "senior fit" and happy. You like a little meat on the ribs and accept a slightly protruding tummy as a sign of a happy life, typically seniors live it up style! Seniors aren't necessarily looking for a "six pack" (unless it's the liquid type).

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Seniors Improve Cognitive Function With Exercise

Resistance training, like rowing machines or weights, help improve attention, memory, and problem solving for senior citizens reports by Daily News & Analysis

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Seniors Helping Seniors

Lori Kamerling of reports seniors helping seniors through the Senior Companion Program. It makes everyone feel better! Learn how.

Our Greatest Treasures . . .

Catherine Torrez, PRWeb has a story to write a story, and she thinks the minds of our senior citizens are our greats treasures. Learn more here.

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Seniors Live It Up In Howard Lake, MN

Jennifer Kotila, Herald Journal reports seniors live it up in Howard Lake, MN. "I came in thinking I'd be helping them. Instead, they are helping me learn and grow. These seniors really take care of each other. Read more here.

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Senate Bill 690 - Gov't Agencies on Aging & Adult Services

Kelsey Scram, NBC33 News reports seniors speak out on Senate Bill 690 of diminishing services and senior citizens not being heard with the passing of this bill. What's your views on the Bill?

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Help Elderly With Brain Fitness

Hayley Tsukayama of Washington Post Business and Maura Judkis of Lifestyle report old iPods donated to help improve lives of nursing home residents, help elderly residents with brain fitness through music therapy. It transforms these elderly patients memory when handed iPods loaded with music from their youth; and it improving the lives of nursing home residents. Read the stories here:

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Dancing For Seniors (like DWTS TV) reports "Dancing For Seniors", much like Dancing With The Stars TV program, pros from the local dance studio will team up with community seniors for a fun filled event with auctions, prizes, etc. This will be done to enrich seniors life and help them remain in their homes with safety and dignity. Active seniors live it up. Read more . . .

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SCWOW - Senior Center Without Walls

SCWOW is a mobile program for seniors through Berks County Area Agency In Aging that is funding transportation, programs of education and nutritional services and activities for various churches and social/civic locations for seniors. Read more here.

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Senior Depression

Seniors have lower rates of depression than younger groups. But is it because it often goes undiagnosed or reported? Reports at the Washington Post National by Michelle Andrews sheds more light on the subject. Read more here

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Anything Better Than Walking For Seniors?

Study shows 27% improvement in fatigue and less pain from patients who participated in walking regime after cancer operations.Read more here.

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Seniors Boosts Brain Power & Improve Health

New Orleans Ballet Association has formula for seniors to boost brain power with remembering dance steps while boosting their morale and over all health with dancing reports Elliot Kamenitz - The Times Picayune. Article no longer available.

The Divide Between The Ages

There are so many things that divide us between different ages. The question is, how do we handle that? And does that divide ever disappear? Find out here. Article in Boston Globe by Beverly Beckham

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"Exercise Your Chuckle Muscles"

The Plymouth Herald reports Active Steps run by the Elder Tree holds ballet workshop free for seniors with the Birmingham Royal Ballet. This brings older people together for a day of exercise, socializing, and having fun "exercising your chuckle muscles". Just one of many senior functions. Read more here

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