Retirement Sentiments
Aging Naturally

Allow me to shed some retirement sentiments with you about human aging and aging naturally. In order for one to age naturally, you must allow aging to just happen. It’s one of the many things in life that has its own natural course of action; and it’s out of your control, for the most part. Human aging is inevitable, but how you handle it is of great importance. Aging gracefully is what we all desire. We all wish we had more control on it.

One morning you wake up and . . . POOF!! You are suddenly senior; and it seems to appear without any effort, or lack thereof, on your part. So, here’s some retirement sentiments for you. You got old. What now, roll over and play dead? I don’t think so, you haven’t done everything you want to do yet, have you? And you are still independent, aren’t you?

However, having senior independence is making your own decisions about your life, or at least having a say in your final destination. When IS it the right time to turn over guardianship to someone else to manage? Only you know for sure. I hope you don’t let anyone convenience you that you are being unrealistic and idealistic about your future. There is much IN your control, some not so much.

Dealing With Loneliness

Sometimes, the shocking news of the loss of a friend or loved one can turn you from an exuberant sunburst to the dark side of the moon like the flip of a switch from young to old. The one thing that will make really old people from midlife vibrant beings is loneliness. What causes aging more than loneliness?

The only thing I can think of is ill health. Loneliness is a “funk” one tends to wallow in for a while before you can shake it off and move forward with life and the business of living. It really boils down to a major decision on your part of your own retirement sentiments. You either want to die or you want to live. Which is it? It’s not as melodramatic as you might think.

Only You Can Control Your Destiny

The extent of your answer will determine your fate of dependence or independence in your life hereafter. It may never be quite the same, but it can still be lived richly, aging gracefully, with dignity and compassion. Only you can control your destiny, and only you know when it is time to turn over the reins to someone else to make all the decisions for you. So what if they call you unrealistic? It is your life, isn’t it?

I don’t know about you, but I always loved watching a movie life like “Driving Miss Daisy”. I love her sass, I love her lifestyle, and I love the independent living she experiences while still “feeling the love”, don’t you? Who the heck is going to tell me I’m too old and I can’t live my own retirement sentiments as a reality? Who is going to tell me that I have to hang up my roller blades and trade them in for a motorized scooter, and when I have to do this? Who dare tread on my dreams and ideas?

Seniors Living It Up

Nope, not me, folks! I’m just going to be a sexy senior citizen, join the beautiful women over 40 club, then 50, then 60. I’ll join the wonderful happy-go-lucky group, the Red Hat Society; check out all my options that are fun and free for seniors, let the age progression come as it may, while I kick up my heels and whoop it up with my friends; engaging in priceless humor with seniors living it up!

Everyone can find a reason to be sad these days; being a senior citizen doesn’t give you an excuse or an exclusive for sadness. It’s all around you for all ages and all genders and all ethnics. You don’t have to go looking for it. It is just there; more so today than any other time in history, except the great depression. Let’s face it, that era is so close you can taste it, can’t you?

That’s why it’s important for you to climb beyond your comfortable place and do something extraordinaire when it comes to retirement sentiments. You can’t do that if you are immobilized by sadness. Growing old gracefully means getting outside your comfort zone and getting into your sensibility about your life.

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Don’t just sit there alone while your friends are taking senior travel tours, fantastic train vacations, participating in a unique Christmas party in July, celebrating their birthday for a month because it is so much fun, getting fit with elderly exercise programs because it makes them feel and look better, or become one of the million men and senior women dating for companionship and shaking the loneliness once and for good.

They are having their retirement toasts and are proof of life after death with their retirement sentiments! They smile often and are just plain sexy senior citizens living life to the fullest, while aging naturally and growing old gracefully. Get a grip, step outside the box, and set your world on fire! There’s a multitude of reputable online dating services for senior citizens to have some fun with. If not dating, then just get active with others.

There are tons of group outings you can partake in, and far too many seniors live it up events happening everywhere for you not to find just the right ones for you. Join groups at random. If you don’t like it after a while, quit that one and join another one. The key is to keep joining, smile often, keep trying, and keep doing. Keep going until it is terrific fun for you and you can’t wait to do it again. That’s aging gracefully, my friend, and there is nothing wrong with those retirement sentiments.

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