Hawaiian Luau Party Games
For Seniors

Add some le'ale'a -fun and amusement- to your gathering with Hawaiian luau party games that will have guests experiencing the excitement of the tropics.

Are you planning an ho'olaule'a – an Hawaiian celebration or party that will bring to life the exotic beauty and festive spirit of the Pacific Paradise? Having a variety of well-planned, themed-oriented games, that include something for everyone, can provide hours of entertainment while still allowing for plenty of mingling and socializing.

Luau Bingo

Luau Bingo

This tried-and-true classic is always a favorite. Have guests compete to fill tropical-themed cards, using Hawaiian words such as “coconut”, “grass skirt”, “lei”, or “pineapple”.

Have fun designing your own version or take advantage of the many printable options available. Don't forget the prizes! Seniors love to win prizes of all kinds.

Tropical Scenario

You’ve Been Lei’d!>
Give each guest a card with a scenario or situation that they need to complete. For example: “If I were a tropical drink, I would be.......”, “If I were stranded on a desert island and could only take three things with me, I would bring....”, or “If I were a tropical plant/animal, I would be....”. This, in itself, could make for some very interesting senior topics of conversation; but add the following element, and the sky is the limit as what surprises may arise.

Have guests fill them out anonymously and see who can match the writer with the scenario. The first person to guess correctly, receives a lei, with the winning prize going to the guest who has the most leis at the end of the game. Add an extra challenge by having guests lose a lei for an incorrect guess.

Tropical Trivia

Test guests knowledge with beach movie trivia, including classics such as “Blue Hawaii”, “Diamond Head”, and “Song of the Island”, as well as more modern choices like “The Blue Lagoon” or “The Beach”. Play a round of challenging tropical cocktail trivia or see how well your guests know the Islands with a game of Hawaiian trivia. I'm sure some of your senior guests can add some very inspiring words of their own . . .they are a festive lot, aren't they?

Coconut Bowling

Add a fun twist to traditional bowling by using coconut balls and pineapple pins. (Oh, just imagine the fun in hula skirts?) Or, for a true tropical experience, set up a Ulu Maika tournament – Hawaiian style lawn bowling. All you need to play this popular game is a flat rolling stone, similar in shape to a hockey puck, and two stakes or sticks.

Put the stakes into the ground about 6 inches apart and about 15 feet from the starting line. Each player stands on the line and tries to roll the stone (on its side) down the lawn and between the two stakes. Here comes a wonderful photo opportunity. Memories of senior games, does anything last longer that the memory of this party?

Create A Cocktail

Divide guests into teams or have them work on their own to create an unique tropical cocktail. You can provide a variety of ingredients or ask each person to bring a contribution. Make sure to have small glasses available for sampling, and give a special prize to the best creation. Asking guests to name their cocktails may also add a little humor to the evening. Then, Oh my, watch the fun begin!

Blindfold Taste Test

See who has the most tropical palate by asking guests to identify Hawaiian foods while blindfolded. Include some easy selections such as pineapple and papaya, but also add a few of the more traditional dishes like masubi, poi, and laulau. And, of course, don't forget the Hawaiian staple - Spam! I wonder how many seniors can identify spam when blindfolded? Could prove interesting, don't you think?

Luau Charades & Pictionary

Tropical Charades

Charades is a great way to add fun to any party. You can customize the classic version by using Hawaiian movies, cities, or food, as well as tropical beaches, song titles, and items such as surfboards, tiki torches, and volcanoes.

Senior citizens are an animated group anyway. Just add props and ideas and watch the fun and frolic unfold!


Wii is a great way to add some fun to your party while also creating a little friendly competition. Include games such as beachside or golf Frisbee, canoeing, or bowling. Seniors are very competitive and love participating in these activities! Fun will be had by all who dare!

Hawaiian Driving Range

Hawaii is famous for its fabulous golf courses. Recreate your own tropical driving range by having guests use a golf club and ball to try to reach a designated target such as a pineapple, mini volcano, or palm tree. This is great for a back yard of green and space. Everyone can choose a specific golfer to copy his swing. Form teams and guess who the golfer is.

Hawaiian Translation

Luau Mix It Up!
Give each guest a list of Hawaiian words or phrases and see how many people can correctly guess the English translation. I'm sure there will be a few seniors that will make up some new words for future vocabulary entries.

Hawaiian luau party games can help you create that tropical ambience that will make your party an unforgettable success. And, for those who are a little more limber or “young at heart”, you could always include a few hula hoops and a limbo bar. If nothing else, they will make great decorations.

Printable Hawaiian Luau Party Games

Whatever your Hawaiian luau party games choices are, your guests will have a great time. Seniors love to live it up!

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