Luau Party Plan For Seniors

This section of Senior Parties – Luau Party Plan, is something you won’t want to miss. Seniors love to party, you know just how to live it up! And I love a good Hawaiian Luau, don’t you?

Luau’s are all about color; color on land, color in water, and color in the air, and colorful personalities among seniors mingling. What a great party these ingredients can make as a stand alone idea or even luau birthday party ideas, or a luau themed wedding! There are lots of luau party ideas!

Happy Birthday

The colors are an assortment of beautiful luau flowers, brilliant crystal clear blue water, nature’s best showy birds of all kinds and sizes partially hiding in luau leaves, and magnificent Hawaiian rainbows with all their glory and spectacular hues at just the right moments in time. Can you see it? Here's a sample starter for you from Cookies In Bloom.

If you have ever been on a vacation in Hawaii, and had the experience of old Lahaina Luau Maui, Royal Hawaiian Luau on the big island, Luau on Kauai, Luau Waikiki, or spent a day at the Polynesian Cultural Center; you can visualize what I’m about to share with you.

It’s about the friendliness, the warmth, and the great fun had by all. It's a special ambience that speaks to us by whispering “welcome” in your ear. It’s no wonder the citizens of Hawaii make us feel so special when we are guests there.

No one does hospitality better than Hawaii. I don’t think I have ever talked to a single person who has been to Hawaii that regrets the trip, or that can’t wait to get back there again. It’s all about making people feel special; and they have that down pat, don’t they?

It's one of many party themes with fun party ideas. Now you can have your senior parties in your own back yard. But first you must have a luau party plan.

Occasion Flower Cookies

Over the years I have learned to keep it simple and use the resources around me to create whatever environment I want for myself. I love making something out of nothing. You just have to let the creative juices flow and let it happen. If you don't want to bother, there are pre-designed help like Cookies In Bloom shown here.

Luau Party Idea Plan

Grab a pencil and start thinking and writing. This is the beginning of your luau party plan. What do you already have in your possession that you can "re-use" or incorporate into your plan, even temporarily? What is in your current environment that will help? What resources do you have at your fingertips? Nearby?

How many people do you want to invite? I like cozier, more intimate parties; but space should dictate your maximum capacity. Too many usually calls for catering and a lot more work than I care to commit to.

However, the size of your tropical luau party is totally up to you. Perhaps you are using senior parties to gather interest in a start-up travel group to return to Hawaii for another vacation; or just to gather more information from friends on your own upcoming trip. Whatever your luau party plan, ony you can judge how many guests you should have.

You can buy a luau party invitation pre-made, have special ones printed, or be creative and frugal and make your own printable luau invitations. There are many computer programs that offer several options. But if you want to personalize and hand write them, one suggestion is to find a tropical picture you like and shrink or enlarge it enough to make a postcard size luau party invitation.

Welcome Family Bar be que or King of the Grill

Buy some heavy postcard weight paper and take both to your local UPS Store or Kinko’s Store and have them run the pictures on the postcard stock. Your luau party invitation wording should be your own and be original. If you want something more special for your guests, send a Cookie Basket Invitation similar to the one shown here from Cookies In Bloom. The point is to make your guests feel pampered and special.

Then you can handwrite on the back including the time and date of the party, required attire, food and beverage served, entertainment provided, any special additions, etc. You can actually have this side copied, too. Then all you have to do is address them and mail them to your desired guests as post card invitations, or have them printed on plain stationery and mail them in envelopes to announce your luau party plan for senior parties.

One thing you might do to start the excitement is get the guests to interact prior to the party. Mail them something specific to the luau party plan; a grass skirt, a fresh coconut, a fresh pineapple, a recipe item they must bring to the party, a bottle of Rum, BYOB, etc.

Sometimes this sparks more interest than an invitation. Along with the item, I include a scrolled hand written note of instructions of what they must do with the item and the luau party plan information. For example, they must bring the item as their “pass to enter” the Hawaiian luau.

It could be different for each guest; like a puzzle that fits together when they all arrive with their pieces. It could also be an item of hawaiian luau clothing that they must wear; a luau costume, a colorful toga, or a special Hawaiian lei; whatever you deem will fit for your luau party plan.

Sometimes it can be part of a treasure hunt clue item that ends at the party destination. There could be a matching item hidden somewhere at the party to match for a grand prize, etc. Let your imagination run wild. It’s luau theme parties, build on the theme.

Luau Decoration

You will want to turn your back yard and patio into a tropical luau party theme. This can be done easily enough with a few supplies from your local nursery. A few tiki torches, some palm leaves, and flowers, lots of flowers. Try to get both edible and non-edible types. Make this a big part of your luau party plan. You'll want it to look the part, too.

If you have a pool, make it a luau pool with water a little bluer than normal, and you can float luau flowers in the pool along with floating candles. You are going to want edible ones to garnish the table and tableware with. Many nurseries will rent large plants and props for the theme. Make a few phone calls and see what is available in your area.

If not, be creative and gather some large leaf cuttings from around the area. Landscapers part with these if you catch them at the cutting before they load them for disposal. Use all your resources for your Hawaiian luau. Share your luau party plan with people you meet. You'd be surprised how many ideas and suggestions others give you.

String some of your colorful Christmas Lights in your back yard, too. I usually use the blinking clear ones, as they most represent the star twinkling of Hawaii, don’t they? Outdoor party lighting requires soft lights to add the atmosphere you are looking for. Candles will work, too, just be careful that they are safe with unforeseen breezes and around guests luau theme clothing, etc.

Many tropical party supplies can be purchased at Pier One Imports or Cost Plus Stores. They are both very inexpensive and just walking through these stores, lets your imagination can go wild. You may want to do this several times before you have your final luau party plan in place.

Try to have a picture of your party place in your mind and think about what will be most appealing and accommodating to your guests. Don’t over-do it, you want space for your guests to mingle, congregate, and enjoy each other. Make your luau party plan a flexible one for last minute changes.

You can always add color with paper flowers, too. If you are creative, you can make your own large flowers from several colors of crepe paper and floral wire. It really doesn’t take much ingenuity to do this, as crepe paper is very flexible and fun to work with. Experiment, flowers are never alike, or perfect all the time. You don’t have to be, either.

Perhaps you want to welcome your guests with fresh luau flower leis? Most florists will provide these for you, but it is fun to make your own. I’m sure you have strung popcorn to hang on a Christmas tree? This is much the same except you are making necklaces instead.

You need a spool of strong thread (clear nylon works well), a needle, and lots of pretty luau flowers, and your own two hands. (An extra pair or hands always is welcome). String them from the base of the flower (no stems) leaving room for them to breathe and not get crushed. Tie the thread ends together, and there you have it. Just refrigerate until party time.

Of course, you can use silk or plastic luau flowers, too. Many of the discount stores like Michael’s, Walmart, K-mart, and 99 Cent Stores put artificial flowers on drastic markdowns because they may have lost a bloom or two. These are perfect for you because you are going to take them apart anyway, and use the flowers only. It’s always a good idea to use all your resources and creativity to keep the cost to a minimum when making your luau party plan.

Luau Drinks & Refreshments

An area that you might make your focal point is the refreshment center of your luau party plan. This is where most people congregate in one large group, or smaller groups, full of conversation and greetings. You will want this to be especially nice to set the tone for the evening.

Be sure to have beverages to please the crowd. Bottled water is a must, too. You can purchase pre-mixed cocktails or make your own. There are many party punch recipes, and I prefer the coconut and pineapple shells for beverage containers of all kinds with straws. They can be filled with your favorite Mai Tai or Pina Colada, Plum Wine, fruit punch, plain water or soda. These can be done in advance to leave other things last minute on your luau party plan.

You can garnish these drinks with pineapple, papaya, mint leaves, or whatever you might want to skewer for decorations that will be edible. Perhaps even an edible flower for the ladies. This is a great opportunity to purchase a bag of those little umbrellas that we all love so much, and always seem to bring home with us.

I love candles and flowers on the table, don’t you? But you don’t have to have a separate special budget for luau centerpieces. The leis open on both ends, snaked the full length of the table with candles placed in the curves makes a beautiful centerpiece for your festivities.

Maybe you want to buy a bag of sand to pour the foundation down the center of the table for the leis and candles to nestle into? Grab a few green leaves from a large-leafed tropical plant to accessorize. Philodendron, Rhododendron, and Rubber Plants work well. You only need a few leaves from the bottom of the plant, they usually fall off anyway, so no damage to your plants.

Luau Party Suggestions & Entertainment

Break out the boom box with some cd’s of Don Ho and sounds of Hawaiian luau music. It can be as simple as that if that's what you want for your luau party plan. Luau songs can be as significant or as insignificant as you want depending on what your luau focus and purpose is.

If you happen to be fortunate enough to have local musicians that can take care of the sound, terrific. Soft background music is usually the best in order to allow free flowing conversation and interaction; unless you are putting on a show for your guests.

While professional luau party music entertainment can get costly; great fun can be had by all with a few seniors that are willing to do a hula dance, or two in a grass skirt and coconut shells over the boobs to the sound of drums of the pacific luau. Scan your group of invites, and try to figure out who might participate in this type of activity for your luau party plan.

You could have a costume mandatory contest fashion show,or “best story” contest of a past trip to Hawaii. This could be a great conversation starter if you can gather old photos of your guests in Hawaii and do memory boards to display on easels.

Great stories come from these, always. There’s always a clown or two among the crowd that will get the party rolling in one of these ways. Or give hula lessons by hiring a student of dance to guide the group into a group dance.

It could be a competition between males and females, or couple against couple. Have special prizes for different levels; and always have a “boobie prize” so everyone feels good about their contribution, no matter how small or how bad. Everyone loves to go home with a prize. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Figure these costs into your luau party plan.

Silly prizes are always good for a laugh or two. It could be a framed picture of one or two friends acting silly, or something to spark some fond memories in the crowd. Make it personal, friends love when you remember things about them.

Luau Food Ideas

So, you have made the luau party plan. You’ve made your master list of important things:

  • You’ve done most of your luau party plan
  • You’ve gathered your memories and resourced the best of the best
  • You’ve decided who to invite and how you will invite them
  • You’ve covered various ideas of how to decorate and where the focus should be
  • You’ve chosen your beverages and how they will be presented
  • You’ve planned your refreshment center and main area of attention
  • You’ve decided on your entertainment and activities

Now we come down to the important decision of what food you will serve and how you will serve it. You will want an elegant looking display of delicious party food ideas that looks like it took hours for you to prepare. Food and beverage will be the largest cost itmes on your luau party plan, most likely, unless you have live entertainment.

Actually, I prefer to do as much ahead as possible when trying to serve a crowd. There are always so many last many things that can go wrong (and usually do) or things that didn’t make the planning list, especially with new paryty food recipes, that got skipped and realized the last day. Too many unforeseen circumstances can cause too much anxiety and pressure. So it’s better to do as much in advance as possible.

Here are my recommended luau party food items for your luau menu:


  • PinaColada
  • Mai Tai
  • Rum Punch
  • Non-Alcoholic Punch

Party Food Appetizers &
Appetizer Party Recipes or Main Entrees:

  • Sweet & Sour BBQ Pork Ribs
  • Skewered Beef, Peppers, & Pineapple
  • Marinated Pork Loin w/ Cabbage & Mango
  • Sweet & Fire Grilled Shrimp w/Rice & Pineapples
  • Hawaiian Meatballs & Roasted Veggies
  • Stuffed Grape leaves with Ham & Rice
  • Spicy Vegetable Bake
  • Sweet Potato Casserole

  • Fruit Cookie Tart
  • Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
  • Cinnamon Candied Macadamia Nuts

Get the Recipes and Learn How To Make Luau Party Recipes here.

Charades, trivia, and memory competitions are always heart-warming. Add your own special personal twist to the average entertainment venue to make it more memorable and more fun. Any time you can touch a senior’s heart with personalized fond memories, it brings a renewal of spirit and pride. We can all use a little of that, can’t we?

Okay, so this is not the plan to retire in Hawaii, but you have succeeded with your luau party idea plan, and now you are ready to do what you do best. Seniors live it up! You've worked hard, you've had a ball planning the luau party favors, the luau lights and luau flowers; you even have your very own unique entertaiment for seniors orchestrated and ready, your guests have rsvp'd, and you are ready. Tomorrow is your party, but for tonight, you can sleep well knowing you have a fantastic Luau Party Plan

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