Halloween Party Game Ideas
For Seniors

Finding the perfect Halloween party game ideas can make a difference in the success of your party, whether you are looking for spine-chilling scary or simple silly fun.

No one is going to make a party better than senior citizens who are in a party mood. No matter what age you are, Halloween is about costumes, tomfoolery, goblins and ghouls, and of course, candy!

So start by filling up some plastic jack-o-lanterns with lots of treats and plan some exciting activities that will raise both laughter and goosebumps among all your party guests.

Halloween Costume Contest

Everyone loves to dress up, and what better way to celebrate halloween than to hide behind the mystery and disguise of a costume? Ask guests to come in the scariest creation possible, or have them choose a famous person from the decade (or even the year) in which they were born.

Have some ballots and a box available so guests can vote for their favorite costume, and award the winner a special prize at the end of the evening. And don't forget a "booby prize" for the loser. Senior citizens love to get prizes of any kind, and for any reason.

Halloween Pictionary or Charades

Add a creepy twist to these party classics by using words and phrases such as "dungeon", "gallows", "werewolf", "Harry Potter", or "headless horseman".

Include the voices of spook from days gone by. Who doesn't remember the radio blasting with Wolfman Jack's creepy voice and his record picks, and the sitting on the edge of your chair with nail biting suspense of Alfred Hitchcock flicks? Brrrrrrrrr. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!

Scary Stories

No Halloween party would be complete without a few scary stories. Have a storytelling contest or have someone read a scary novel or poem. You may even want to arrange for a few well-timed sound effects. And if stories are short on supply (a rarity with seniors), try a few Halloween mad libs. Laughter is sure to ensue. I can almost guarantee it. Who's notoriously the life of the party among your guests? You might want to target them as the narrator to spice things up a bit.

Halloween Bingo

Halloween Bingo

Always a senior party favorite, Bingo is a great icebreaker, and will help get your guests into the celebration spirit. Choose a printabe option or customize your own with popular Halloween objects like "jack-o-lantern", "black cat", or "pumpkin". Has there ever been a senior who doesn't love bingo, especially with prizes to win. Did I mention seniors love prizes?

Horror Movie Match Game

Give your guests a list of famous horor movies and ask them to match these titles with their director, actors, or year produced. You may even want to quote some famous horrow movie lines with your best impressions and have your guests guess the actor or character who uttered them.

Halloween Trivia Challenge

Halloween Trivia

Challenge your guest's knowledge and ask them to reach deep into their memory banks for the answers to questions about Halloween history, movies, poems, songs, superstitions, and beliefs. This should dig up some very interesting tidbits and events that might have to have the cobwebs dusted off. Beware of the senior pranksters in the crowd. You won't know if it's real or fake. Seniors can be so devilish at times!

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Ask guests to try their hand at designing the scariest face possible, or give ladies a collection of lace, buttons, and other accessories and award the most beautiful Fall creation. If it's a couples' party have the guests try and create a replica of their significant other. This could produce some very spooky results, and a barrel of laughs! Beware of props provided . . . some seniors are just tooooooo creative for their own good!

Halloween Backgammon or Shuffleboard

Create your own version of these games by decorating the boards with Halloween pictures. Add a trick-or-treat aspect by awarding a candy when the game is won and taking a treat away when a game is lost. The guest with the most candies at the end of the evening wins a special prize. Of course, they will have to resist eating their spoils if they want a chance at the championship.

Halloween Board Games

Guests will have fun engaging in a game of Clue, Mystery Mansion, or Orient Express. For something a little more creepy, set up a round of Ghost Stories, or center your evening around the Murder Mystery Party Game. Oh, I can see the wheels turning now. Seniors distrust each other so much anyway, they are indeed a suspicious group, especially when they can have fun with someone at their expense. And when they think they have pulled the wool over your eyes, well, it's priceless to watch! One can never anticipate the outcome.

Halloween Karaoke

Whether or not you or your guests can sing, karaoke is always fun, but even moreso when you can hide behind a costume; or become the character you are dressed up like. So pull out the scary movie theme songs, warm up your vocal cords, and let the show begin. Be prepared for some sore tummy muscles the next day from laughing so hard! These are memories in the making! Make sure to have a few cameras around.

Printable Halloween Party Game Ideas

When people think Halloween is just for kids, they have it all wrong. Whether you are six or sixty, you are never too old to celebrate this hauntingly spooky holiday.

From pumpkin bowling to a costume fashion show, a Masquerade Ball, or a simple back yard get-together; Halloween party game ideas will help you plan the event of the season. Once again, seniors live it up as only they can!

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