Over The Hill Party
Getting Old Party

Over The Hill Party & Getting Old Party. What could kick off a season of parties and good times better? How apropo because seniors live it up. And a getting old party or over the hill party, where you poke fun at a guest with silly gifts and gadgets, makes for an interesting and memorable event; not to mention a great photo opportunity.

Over The Hill Gifts

Getting old means you can be a little naughty and a little crazy with your party fare and no one thinks you are off your rocker. Well, maybe they do, but it doesn’t matter what they think anymore. You just choose to enjoy whatever time you have left on this earth. You’ve earned the right to do whatever you please, once and for all.

Think of the possibilities. There hundreds of great gifts and party favors to plan your perfect over-the-hill party. It can be a birthday party or simply a friends retirement party; there are plenty of silly party supplies to fill your group with lasting laughter and good times.

You could even turn your over the hill party into a scavenger hunt where the entrance invitation must be accompanied by certain items for over-the-hillers; like Geritol, Adult Diapers, fiber pills, Large Print reading glasses, etc. Once all the guests have arrived (except the honored over-the-hill guest) they can all place their gatherings in a basket for an over the hill group gift basket. Or purchase a prepared Over the Hill Gift Basket like this one. OverTheHill.com - Gift Basket on Sale!

You can serve special shaken beverages with the shaker a giant pill bottle like the Perscription Bottle Cocktail Shaker shown here. Seniors hardly ever lose their sense of humor, and I think they never lose their desire for humor in their lives. Top Seller: Prescription Bottle Cocktail Shaker at OverTheHill.com!

Over The Hill Party & Getting Old Party

Getting old is part of life and seniors are not afraid to live it up. Find a reason to have several Over the hill parties to share the lives of friends and loved ones. Be silly. Be a little crazy. Be a little naughty. Be alive, seniors, live it up!

Over The Hill Gifts

There are many theme party ideas and free party games and gifts for seniors here. Use your imagination while poking fun at a guest with silly gifts and party ideas for your event. This is the place for your silly party supplies and planning.

Top Seller: Party in a Bag - Over the Hill at OverTheHill.com!

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